Urban Landscape Photography in India

Landscape photography is a venerable old art. Who doesn’t love a shot of the sun going down over a beach or the same sun rising brilliantly over Nanga Parbat? For most of us, the way we imagine a country, at least initially, is through images of its land. We like to know how high its […]

The Design Mind behind Hipstamatic

Several years ago, I began experimenting with an ancient Samsung mobile phone camera. The ridiculously cheap lens and complete absence of functionality produced quirky lo-fi – short for low fidelity, typically taken with poor-quality equipment – images that delighted me in a way SLR photography had not for years. In just a few years and […]

Pure Metal: the photography of Ramis Abbas

Photography and music have always gone together. Adoring fans, Annie Leibovitz, Mick Rock and Anton Corbijn to name just a few, have become accomplished photographic artists by capturing the images of their favourite musicians and bands. It’s hard to imagine jazz of a certain era separated from photography. In the ‘50s and ‘60s record labels […]

Fragile Reality: The Photographs of Saqib Mumtaz

Photography is touted for its supreme capacity to capture reality. The frightening ease with which the physical verisimilitude of a scene or a person can be reproduced is what makes photography unique, compelling and addicting. The photograph reflects back to us what we think exists. We confer our belief in the image and thereby, reinforce […]

‘An Individual yet Universal humanity’: My article on street photography in India published by Quartz

Really pleased to have a piece I wrote for Scroll.in (India’s award winning online newspaper) also picked up by Quartz.com magazine.  The photographs and text were made several years ago when I was visiting India regularly and frequently.   As a white man, you can’t walk very far in India with a camera before you […]