Pure Metal: the photography of Ramis Abbas

Photography and music have always gone together. Adoring fans, Annie Leibovitz, Mick Rock and Anton Corbijn to name just a few, have become accomplished photographic artists by capturing the images of their favourite musicians and bands. It’s hard to imagine jazz of a certain era separated from photography. In the ‘50s and ‘60s record labels […]


  I made this picture in January 1991 at one of the many Sufi shrines in Multan, Pakistan. It was mid winter and freezing cold most days. Poor people from all around Multan and outlying districts came to these shrines daily to offer prayers, sing or listen to qawwali, or simply socialize with friends in […]

Major Morris Minor

If the Hindustan Ambassador is a synonym for the Indian highway, the Morris Minor is the very soul of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Its different now, but about 25 years ago this gentlemanly and ever so English automobile was the backbone of the city’s taxi industry.  3000 vehicles plyed the crowded bazaars of Pindi and rolled casually […]