A messy necessary country

A Short Photo Essay on Pakistan


Flag 2


There is no country quite like the Land of the Pure. A messy, necessary land of zabardasti, mezbaani, dostana, zulm, dus numbri, sharafat, sufiana, tehzeeb-o-tumaddan, tamasha, charas da suta, nurse da…, shairi, musiqi, sharaabi kebabi, har kism bazi, nek dil awaam, adaab o salaam, sacha aur jhoota Islam, halal aur haraam, Lahore, Sadr bazaar, Multan, Gilgit, political shit, safarish, nawazish, guzarish and Gernail ka boot polish.




The awaam of Pakistan are special. Somehow tolerant and philosophical



about the mulk they don’t know whether to despise or love.



The awaam get on with it. What else to do? Some follow khuda



Some just follow the news.



They go on haj and come back happy to have had the opportunity



but struggle to make a living that gives them the dignity they have been promised for so long.



In the end all that can be said is alhumdul illah

minar 2

And subhanullah




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