‘An Individual yet Universal humanity’: My article on street photography in India published by Quartz


Really pleased to have a piece I wrote for Scroll.in (India’s award winning online newspaper) also picked up by Quartz.com magazine.  The photographs and text were made several years ago when I was visiting India regularly and frequently.


As a white man, you can’t walk very far in India with a camera before you hear, “Ay angrez! Meri photo khench!’” (Hey foreigner! Take my photo!) Sometimes, they point to a friend and tell you with a giggle, “Take his picture,” but what they mean is, “Take my picture”. If you turn toward the catcaller, he will quickly collar an innocent bystander and pull him close in a tight pose. Sometimes a person will stop right in front of you and smile but refuse to let you pass. They don’t need to say anything. The message is made clear by eyebrows that dance in the direction of the camera. Many times, they will engage you in a chat about where you come from and what you’re doing in India. They will talk about anything, just passing time. But it’s obvious what they want: a portrait. (the whole article)


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