Strolling through Sadr




The last time I was in Pakistan I took a friend down to Sadr bazaar in the heart of old Rawalpindi.  Here are a few of the people I met and things that caught my interest.

Ya Allah

A blind man makes his way through the crowds singing as he goes and collecting alms.

50 rupee chickenFifty rupee chickens for sale. 

Ageing hijra

This elderly hijra asked us to join in a cup of tea.  He also indicated he was the ‘leader’ of a group hermaphodites (hijre)  and invited us to join them the following day for some sort of gathering at his home, further down in Sadr. I would have loved to but alas had commitments to other people in other places.


Chitrali topi

The bazaar is a place where people from all over Pakistan come to shop, rent cheap rooms and see and be seen. This man from the Northern Areas of Pakistan had found work at a sidewalk mechanic’s shop. His rolled-felt was originally worn by people from Chitral, along the border with Afghanistan but has since become one of the great national symbols of Pakistan.


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