Women of the wall

One of the reasons I love living in Melbourne is the urban street art. It is everywhere, especially in the CBD (downtown, for North Americans) and the inner suburbs of Collingwood, Fitzroy and Carlton.  The laneways that cut through the towers of iron and mortar like rivulets and make the grid of the city, are particularly full of what was once known pejoratively as graffiti.  Every time  I have the chance to be in the city I make sure my iPhone is fully charged and fill it up with beautiful things. A modern day butterfly collector, I am!

I’ve been fascinated with the way in which women are depicted by our street Picassos and Warhols.  I have no judgments or insights about that these images suggest or mean about men, art or women. Only that women are always fascinating subjects.

Be Free

Be Free. There are quite a few of these images using paint as rain all around town. And from what I can tell it is a popular approach by street artists around the world.

Feminine Politics

Gender Problem.  This year has been quite heated and divisive in Federal politics with our Prime Minister sternly and very publicly lecturing our soon-to-be Prime Minister Tony Abbot (far right) on how neanderthal his approach to gender is.


Who is the Masked Woman?  Super hero or dominatrix?

Locked up

Locked Up. Used to be that we shacked up with a woman.

Hope? Change? Oba-miss.


The Ghost of relationship past?


Quivering bottom lip.

Abused girl

Betwixt and between.


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