Queen Victoria Market

Vic Market entrance

One of the wonderful attributes of Melbourne are the many neighborhood markets scattered all over the metropolis. Remnants from an age before supermarkets when fish mongers, cheese makers, butchers and green grocers all plied a very rewarding trade, the markets of Melbourne are the closest thing I can get to an Aussie bazaar.  Yesterday I had a bit of time to visit Queen Victoria Market, probably the most famous of the city’s markets. Though the entrance has been done up of late the market stalls where you can buy everything from didgeridoos to donuts sprawl rather imperialistically over several large blocks on the northern fringe  of the CBD (downtown).  The Market has been active for 130 years and come the weekend is a cramped flowing congested agglomeration of  the willing.  

Coffee time


The Market has dozens of small cafes.  A mid morning hot chocolate and long black are just what the doctor ordered on a sunny autumn morning.

Jam donuts

The concept of hot ‘jam’ donuts is distinctly Australian.  Get them fresh, rolled in crispy white sugar and boy, you’re really on to something.  


Easter eggs

Easter eggs entice the young and old alike on the counter of an Italian deli.

Blessed are the Cheesemakers

Blessed are the local Aussie cheese makers!


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