On the beach

Australians love the beach.  Most of the population lives within an hour’s drive of some sort of ocean or bay or inlet of bight and when summer rolls around they live there. On hot days, especially like the we are experiencing now, (9 days in a row over 30c/86F) and on public holidays (we just celebrated Labor Day with a long weekend), the beaches are ‘chockers’ with people surfing, playing beach cricket and getting skin cancer by lying under the hole in the ozone situated right over Australia.

Here are a few pics I took yesterday with my Hipstmatic at Inverloch, a very wide and gentle beach about 1.5 hours southeast of Melbourne.

Beach mat

First essential of a beach day is a big piece of cloth to lie on.  We picked this particular mat up on a recent trip to Jaipur in India.

Beach chairs



Next step, set up your little foldy chairs and grab a good book and face the ocean.





Then simply enjoy an extra long summer!


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