Study in blue

Blue Study 1

The colors of India are orange, green and white.  The national flag is made up of these three. Orange represents Hindu saffron. Green, the color of Islam. White, the symbol of neutrality, very important in a secular society such as India. But over the past couple of decades this color scheme has been quietly challenged by the rising of another hue–light blue.  Not only is this the color of national sports teams, especially the venerated/berated Indian cricket team, it is the color of the livery of Indian Railways.  In India, every train is a Blue Train. The above picture was made at Chennai Central in 2006.  On a slowly disappearing afternoon, passengers await the departure of their train, speaking in whispers.


Blue chair 001

Not only has blue bled into the highest  of official colours but like this storefront shows, it seems to be the color of preference for most of the population with a spare wall or door or chair to paint.    



2 thoughts on “Study in blue

  1. I enjoyed reading this Nate. I must get back there. I was there in 98 and not sure how much blue I was seeing and people on the train stations weren’t as loud as in the 70’s. THAT felt different! Some of us go back to recapture what was in the past! ~ Margie LOVES BLUE! 🙂

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