Toorak mansion

Toorak Mansion


This ghastly mansion was built over a couple of years just around the corner from our small 40 year old apartment in Toorak.  The post code 3142 (Toorak) is they say the wealthiest one in the country. Could or could not be true. These things change with the economy and public perceptions.  But certainly Toorak is the place in Melbourne to go to if you want to gawp at some  hideous and humungous habitats. 

Not too far from where this picture was made is a largish ‘pile’ (at the Brits so ingeneously refer to houses) with an underground car park large enough to accommodate 12 cars that is covered with a tennis court.  Or at least that is what Roger my neighbour tells me. Independent confirmation is difficult since most bazillionaires erect thick, high and well camera-ed walls around their residential accomplishments. The higher the wall and thicker the trees, the wealthier the poor soul who lives behind it and amidst them.

Which makes this monstrosity unusual. There are no walls of note around it and everyone passing by is able to fully take in the fine concrete (already cracking) facade.  For months after it was completed the four apartments remained empty. I think a few of them are occupied these days but the inhabitants are as vaporous and erratic as ghosts. Never see them.

One morning as I was waiting for my Nr. 8 tram I used the HD app on my iPhone to capture this picture. I was attracted by the orange flowers, which against the grey-ish building and on the overcast almost glowed in the wet.  The other thing I like about the picture is that this building that is clearly supposed to be beautiful is surrounded by tram and electrical wires and faces out on to one of the busiest streets in SE Melbourne!  




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