People along the way (Pt. 2)



Madhuri Das and Bhora bai

General Store proprietor


I’ve lived in Jaipur for 35 years but I pine for Calcutta. Have you seen Kali Ghat? The Maidan? Eden Gardens?  Ah yes, New Market is a fine place. It is not because I’m from there that I think its better than Jaipur.  Calcutta is Calcutta! It really is better.




Chota Singh, Maan Singh and Purnam Singh

Farmers from Haryana 


We are farmers. We grow wheat, rice and other things. Yes, we came especially to see the Gurdwara Sahib here in Pushkar.  It is just down the road there. We drove our own vehicle. Things are good for us. May we enquire how much a milch cow costs in New Zealand? In our place if a cow gives 20 ltrs a day the price is Rs. 80-90,000; half if it gives 10 ltrs a day.


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