People along the way (pt 1)


Santosh Sahu

Security Guard

Lodi Gardens, New Delhi

“I have worked as a security guard at many of Delhi’s historical monuments for 14 years.  Most guides hang out at the tourist hotels so I try to help people who are here without a guide.  This is India’s second oldest mosque, the first one being at the Qutub Minar which is now nearly 1000 years old. Here on my hand you can see the layout of the tombs at Humayun’s tomb, one of three World Heritage Monuments in Delhi.  The last Mughal ruler, Bahadur Shah Zafar has two tombs, the original is in Rangoon, a famous city of Burma and the false one here in Humayun’s tomb.  I enjoy talking about Delhi and practicing my English.”





Mahipalpur, New Delhi

“Three years ago I was hit by a car that didn’t stop, just over there. My leg was broken and I’ve had 7 operations since then. I have number 8 on Wednesday. I simply ask people to help me . Some give Rs.500, some Rs. 100. The operation costs Rs. 8000. I have three daughters and one son.  You see I am only allowed to keep this stall from 5 until 10 am. After that the police come and chase us away. So the rest of the day I sit at home, idle.”


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