The mysterious allure of mannequins



There is a subtle pleasure in photographing mannequins. They are elegantly sleek and silent. Calm as a Trappist monk after beer. Immutable in a sea of never-ending flux. Pliant. Uncomplaining. Occasionally, very beautiful. Mannequins are never afraid to show their breasts and have no sense of shame.  All in all wonderful subjects for a photographer.  The group of mannequins above  were hanging out in a busy alley of Old Delhi off Chandni Chowk.


This group of mannequins, who seem to prefer to do most things in the raw, were having a mid-morning coffee break in an office building in Collingwood, an inner city suburb of Melbourne.



In Banaras this mannequin seems a bit uncomfortable in the new season’s ghaghra and choli outfit.


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