Burmese days

What a place!

In 2004 I visited Burma, at last.  

I am so glad that Change is coming to this bruised jewel, at last.

Some pics of that trip and a quote from George Orwell that was in someway  prophetic:

“To talk, simply to talk! It sounds so little, and how much it is! When you have existed to the brink of middle age in bitter loneliness, among people to whom your true opinion on every subject on earth is blasphemy, the need to talk is the greatest of all needs.” 
― George Orwell, Burmese Days

Picture one.

Yangon (Rangoon). Bazaar, early morning. An ethnic-Indian woman in sari negotiates with a Burmese woman with tumeric on her face.

An aspirational scene at a public water spout in Rangoon.

A ticket tout on a city mini bus smiles at me as I take aim.

Entrance to a family home near a major market in Yangon (Rangoon). Still life.


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