Television blues

I often find myself is a hotel room, bored out of my mind watching the pictures on TV flash, dim and burst in front of me.  Here are a few shots I’ve captured with my trusty Canon.  To start out, in a small hotel in Pahad Ganj, Delhi on a freezing winter’s day in 2007, these bollywood hot lips warmed me up.

As I watched an Indian variant of MTV it dawned on me how Indian society’s attitudes to the public display of skin has changed since I was kid.

This was from a video of a guy taking a video of his girlfriend dancing. I love the silky grainy techno finish to this image.

In 2009 I attended some community development conference or another in the industrial coal town of Newcastle north of Sydney.  This picture of an old person’s poor dental hygiene came from a story off the late night news show, Lateline.

One of the current themes of public policy in Australia is the spread of gambling across all segments of society.  So what’s a newscast without some reference to hitting (or missing) the jackpot.

Tony Jones, Lateline’s fiesty host, interviewing Julia Gillard when she was still Deputy Prime Minister and well regarded by the left leaning progressives of the country. A few months later she stabbed her boss in the back and took over control of the government.


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