Around Sydney

Like most countries, Australia has its urban rivalries. Melbourne and Sydney are always poking each other about who is better, more exciting, cooler and ‘more liveable’.   Over the past year I’ve had to be in Sydney quite often and though I don’t claim to know it have found myself warming to the idea that it might be an alright sort of place.    Here a few snaps with no common theme except they were all made in Australia’s best known and largest city.

The transportation woes of Sydneysiders are documented daily (hourly) in the local media but I always found the trains to run on time and the system pretty easy to use.  This shot was at the Kings Cross station. KC being the infamous hangout of prostitutes, thugs, drug sniffers and boozers.

Above ground, in the Cross itself, is this proud photo shop.

One of the most famous views in the world. From my hotel window. In these inner city parts, Sydney really is one of the great beauties of the world.

In the eternal battle of the cities, Melbourne always gets bagged for being so rainy. But everytime I was in the city it was pouring. All I heard from the city’s people was “When will it stop?”  A rainy sidewalk on William Street.

Something in the window of this Kings Cross pawn shop has got them curious.


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