Behind the cloth


Sometimes this works, mostly it doesn’t. At least for me.  Shooting people as shadows or silhouettes through cloth.  The above picture was a bright early January morning at the Sangam, the place where the Ganga and the Jamuna rivers come together after tumbling down from the high Himalayas and watering the farms and cities of Uttar Pradesh. It is a very sacred place in the Hindu cosmos with the ability to take the sins of this and all former lives away with just one dip.

Usually this flat area by the river is teeming with pilgrims but on this day I was one of only a handful of visitors.  This young lad seemed lonely as he tried to interest rare customers in his array of necklaces.


At the other end of the day, just an hour before the sun sets, and a thousand kilometres to the west, in Islamabad Pakistan, they hold a weekly market on Sundays in a grove of guava trees.  This man was a customer looking for a new lungi (sarong). I saw him pass by and was lucky to catch his profile as the sinking sun filtered through a lungi.


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