Beauty here and here and here

Greg Brown has a song with the following lyric which inspires today’s post:

I’m drunk on moonmilk, I’m high up in the air
I know a woman she is silk there and there and there
With a kiss she wakes me up, she always leaves too soon
As she does she fills my cup with the milk of the moon

One of the reasons I took up the camera was to document my first love, India.  But there have been many times in my life when I’ve felt imprisoned by that vision. When it seems as if I’m not in India then there is no inspiration. Nothing worthy of capturing. No beauty.

I’ve made an effort to break that mindset and mobile phone cameras have helped a lot. If you’ve got a camera with you at all times there is no reason why you can’t grab the shot even if it is the kids breakfast table and drink bottle, like the image above. A plastic table and $5 water bottle turns into a nice bit of abstract art.

Who doesn’t love Mapplethorpe’s portraits of flowers?  I captured this while the kids were eating breakfast last week. Poppies, with their hairy, alien-like limbs are my favourite flower.

An early morning walk along a winter beach can throw up some amazing sights, like this crystal clear rock pool.  

So you see: There is beauty, here and here and here


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