I love topis

I love hats, especially topis from Muslim countries.  I used to have quite a collection but over the years I’ve traded away a few like baseball cards. Or lost them. Or simply forgotten them in the luggage racks on planes.

At the end of a frustratingly unproductive walk through Khyber bazar in Peshawar many many moons ago I grabbed this picture. It was an immediate keeper, even though I had to wait for 10 days to get the slides developed.  The light shining on the shopkeeper’s glasses is priceless, in my view. Not necessarily the best overall picture but it’s all about the details isn’t it. Somethings work. Others don’t.  I like the serious attention the two young lads are giving to selecting their topi.  Those moments just before you lay the money down are some of life’s sweetest.

I’m still buying topic. Here is one I picked up several years ago in Hyderabad (India).  It is slightly too small for my head but I’ve kept it cause I just love the polka dots!.



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