Snap snap click click!

I’ve several abiding passions in life. They wax. They wane. But they never forsake me nor do I ever truly abandon them. These are music and writing and photography.  

For several years now I’ve kept a music blog chugging over at  Washerman’s Dog. And soon, very soon. I ‘ll be putting into the ether a new on line music store called Harmonium.  The ravenous passion of music is thus kept fed and sated.

In terms of photography, hithertofore I’ve contented myself with occasional postings of images to Facebook and JPG and whenever a sufficient pile of images conforming to a loosely defined theme accumulate on the insides of my computers I put together a book, thanks to the good folks at Some years ago I put together a website dedicated to my photography  (Ajnabi Camera Work). I never updated it because if I had a bunch of images of a particular sort I’d prefer to publish a book. And as I was not selling my work I realised the website medium itself was too heavy to maintain.  

What I longed for was something as simple as social media. Light. Uncumbersome.  After several years of blogging about music it has slowly dawned on me that what I’m looking for is another blog.  A place where the image can bask it all its glory unadulterated by silly jokes, news headlines, family news, games and other crumbs from the ever more heavily laden dining table of information that  define Facebook and other social sites. 

How I’ll ever find the time to keep this blog current what along my other responsibilities as a consultant, father to two young children, husband, music entrepreneur and friend I don’t know. Perhaps I won’t. But its worthy of attempt.  Again the blog format is ideal. Upload the image, say a few things about it and let it go. The secret of the Universe: letting go.

Being a slight egotist I will feature a lot of my own work. But also highlight pictures of others that I have found inspirational or challenging or confounding. 

I can’t guarantee it will be only one picture or that a new one/s will appear every day but this is a site about photography and its appreciation. Not truth in advertising.

So if you’ve stumbled around the web and found this place or you know me from Washermans’ Dog or some other place and time, “Welcome”.  Leave a comment if you’re so moved  and lets see where this trail leads.



4 thoughts on “Snap snap click click!

  1. Dear Ajnabi
    I have been an ardent follower of your postings on washerman’s dog, and I must acknowledge that you have played a significant role in shaping my musical taste. I have discovered so much on that blog that I am indebted to you. Wishing you all the best with this new venture.


    1. Dear Tiarang,
      That is really very kind of you. I’m glad the Dog has been of some use. It’s a real pleasure to do it and your comments make me feel good. thanks.

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