Appropriating Helen

In 2015, the American artist/photographer Richard Prince stirred up a hornets’ nest when he exhibited a collection of photos from strangers’ Instagram feeds. He enlarged the images, complete with comments, put them in a show, and sold several of them for $100,000 each. Critics and peers instantly took to Twitter and blogosphere to either denounce […]

Farewell Princess: Documenting Mumbai’s Iconic Taxicabs

For foreigners visiting India, one of the most visible markers of change in the past few decades has been cars. From a time when just two models ruled the highway, the country now has an endless variety of automobiles. Still, a part of the soul fondly clings to those simpler times. It remembers the Hindustan […]

Lensculture Project: Bicycle Seat Covers of Beijing

As a consequence of submitting several photographs to LensCulture for review I was granted a professional membership to the portal. I’ve not yet taken the time upload many photographs. But for those interested I have uploaded several photographs from a 2014 project called Bicycle Seat Covers of Beijing. You can access it here

Urban Landscape Photography in India

Landscape photography is a venerable old art. Who doesn’t love a shot of the sun going down over a beach or the same sun rising brilliantly over Nanga Parbat? For most of us, the way we imagine a country, at least initially, is through images of its land. We like to know how high its […]

The Design Mind behind Hipstamatic

Several years ago, I began experimenting with an ancient Samsung mobile phone camera. The ridiculously cheap lens and complete absence of functionality produced quirky lo-fi – short for low fidelity, typically taken with poor-quality equipment – images that delighted me in a way SLR photography had not for years. In just a few years and […]

Pure Metal: the photography of Ramis Abbas

Photography and music have always gone together. Adoring fans, Annie Leibovitz, Mick Rock and Anton Corbijn to name just a few, have become accomplished photographic artists by capturing the images of their favourite musicians and bands. It’s hard to imagine jazz of a certain era separated from photography. In the ‘50s and ‘60s record labels […]

Bangla Surreal: Shadman Shahid

Bangladeshi photographer Shadman Shahid was recently selected by the prestigious British Journal of Photography for its Ones to Watch–2016 listof emerging global photographic talent. A graduate of Dhaka’s famous Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, his work emerges from a deeply personal space and expresses itself in moving documentary as well as intimate and carefully constructed […]